How To Hack

Well there are a few programs you can use to hack down a CPPS. There will be a hole list of different programs you can use. we are mainly aimed at hacking down all OpenCP based Server and all ICPPS based servers. It is EASY to find the log and leak the passwords of OpenCP server because well mostly everybody knows were the log is. as exampled on Astro Penguin it was up for 5 mins then its passwords got leaked. Well i will post more on how to leak because you really just put /log.txt after the ip or were the file the register is in. also you could go into CMD. Type Ping [address here] then get the ip then type ping [IP HERE] -t -l witch will just spam them or you can use any Ddos attack program. If we work together we can bring down all OpenCP and ICPPS based CPPS’s!!!!


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